Do you like movies? You do? Oh good. So do I.

Here are a few movies (from a few to many late nights) I've watched along with my professional review:
(Disclaimer-All of the R movies were seen on TV. What type of missionary do you think I am?)

The Tourist- Angie kept forgetting that she had a french accent. Plus I hate her. Johnny and Venice however made up for it.
Misery- award winning performance + stalker creepy Kathy Bates = 2 hours of pleasure  
The Prince and I- It was kind of cute in a completely lacking in everything that makes a good movie way. I will award 5 points go to Julia for looking less ugly. She had a decent hair cut.
Mean Girls- You go Glenn Coco! The brattiest movie alive with a much less alcohol stricken Lindsay. Good times Linds, good times.
The Zodiac- I read the very long slow book last summer. I liked it. The movie was just as long and slow. Therefore I give it props for staying in the same long and slow story line.
Pretty Woman- Who doesn't love a classic street corner fairy tail? I know I sure do.
The Kingdom- Good movie. Random actors but good movie.
Salt- She's like a female Jason Bourne with less class. Her stealthy moves allow her to bounce off trucks and miss bullets like nobodies business. However, again, I hate her.

   Love a good late night movie.

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  1. Misery--Good movie. I always wondered how Kathy Bates was so famous and that movie explained it all.
    Salt--I actually really liked it. Yes the physics were off but it was still decent.
    Mean Girls--High school classic.
    Good review Kenz