Miss Independence

Hi friends

This is my last post with The Other Twin. But good news. My wonderful mother has set up a mission blog for your viewing plessure.
Thank you for all the love and support. You are all awesome.
I'll see you in 18 months.
Over and out.

Sister Hall.

Girl dates are so much better than boy ones.



For some reason you always bring out the inappropriate and rude in me. But some how it seems justified with you.
Thank you for every aspect you have been apart of in the last 21 years. I have thousands of favorite memories with you. {That list could go on for days}
Thank you for dinner Tuesday. I couldn't think of a better person to spend that night with.
You are amazing.
I Love you to death.


Kristen, Tiff and Tash-

You are with out a doubt the best neighbors ever. But to call you neighbors sounds weird. You are definitely more than that.
 Thank you for the temple date, Tiff coming all the way from Logan, Tash tripping in the parking lot, and great conversation.
I'm counting on many more days like this when I get home. 
You guys are the greatest.
 I love you to death.

Quote of the day:

Kristen: "Tash, were you in the MTC 2 or 3 weeks?"
Tash: "...3 months...."

The golden and the not so much

The Golden Globes were last week. This means that celebs should look golden, right? Wrong.

Scarlet J. Bride of Frankenstein anyone?
Christian Bale. Hey kids this is what it looks like when someone is out of work.
Natalie Port. Giant valentines card meets bed sheet.
Michelle Williams. In full bloom for the daisy may parade.
H Klum. Newest show: Project Heidi.
Layton Meeeester. Glammed up sister wife.
Megan Fox. Looks like they are allowing non actors to attend the award show now. Oh and her slit sure doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination.

Lets not forget those that looked hot, beautiful and sexy.

J. Depp. You get your own category of delicious.
Eva Longoria. Hottest little back dress ever.  
Matt Bomer. I have no words.
Angie Jolie. Still don't like you but I give 2 thumbs up for your dress

2 things for the final Thursday

2 things:

The Australian Open. It is restricting me from going to bed at a decent hour. Honestly, its tennis played in Australia. What could be better?  Oh and Bernard Tomic is mine. He's totally waiting for me to get home.

Notes, letters and emails.  I can't even begin to express how amazing the people in my life are. I am so blessed.
The Utes got Jimmered.
Good day.

Do you like movies? You do? Oh good. So do I.

Here are a few movies (from a few to many late nights) I've watched along with my professional review:
(Disclaimer-All of the R movies were seen on TV. What type of missionary do you think I am?)

The Tourist- Angie kept forgetting that she had a french accent. Plus I hate her. Johnny and Venice however made up for it.
Misery- award winning performance + stalker creepy Kathy Bates = 2 hours of pleasure  
The Prince and I- It was kind of cute in a completely lacking in everything that makes a good movie way. I will award 5 points go to Julia for looking less ugly. She had a decent hair cut.
Mean Girls- You go Glenn Coco! The brattiest movie alive with a much less alcohol stricken Lindsay. Good times Linds, good times.
The Zodiac- I read the very long slow book last summer. I liked it. The movie was just as long and slow. Therefore I give it props for staying in the same long and slow story line.
Pretty Woman- Who doesn't love a classic street corner fairy tail? I know I sure do.
The Kingdom- Good movie. Random actors but good movie.
Salt- She's like a female Jason Bourne with less class. Her stealthy moves allow her to bounce off trucks and miss bullets like nobodies business. However, again, I hate her.

   Love a good late night movie.