The golden and the not so much

The Golden Globes were last week. This means that celebs should look golden, right? Wrong.

Scarlet J. Bride of Frankenstein anyone?
Christian Bale. Hey kids this is what it looks like when someone is out of work.
Natalie Port. Giant valentines card meets bed sheet.
Michelle Williams. In full bloom for the daisy may parade.
H Klum. Newest show: Project Heidi.
Layton Meeeester. Glammed up sister wife.
Megan Fox. Looks like they are allowing non actors to attend the award show now. Oh and her slit sure doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination.

Lets not forget those that looked hot, beautiful and sexy.

J. Depp. You get your own category of delicious.
Eva Longoria. Hottest little back dress ever.  
Matt Bomer. I have no words.
Angie Jolie. Still don't like you but I give 2 thumbs up for your dress

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