Girl dates are so much better than boy ones.



For some reason you always bring out the inappropriate and rude in me. But some how it seems justified with you.
Thank you for every aspect you have been apart of in the last 21 years. I have thousands of favorite memories with you. {That list could go on for days}
Thank you for dinner Tuesday. I couldn't think of a better person to spend that night with.
You are amazing.
I Love you to death.


Kristen, Tiff and Tash-

You are with out a doubt the best neighbors ever. But to call you neighbors sounds weird. You are definitely more than that.
 Thank you for the temple date, Tiff coming all the way from Logan, Tash tripping in the parking lot, and great conversation.
I'm counting on many more days like this when I get home. 
You guys are the greatest.
 I love you to death.

Quote of the day:

Kristen: "Tash, were you in the MTC 2 or 3 weeks?"
Tash: "...3 months...."

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  1. Oh Kenz! You made me cry! I love you to death too! Can't wait for the next 21 years! You are going to be one amazing missionary!